I do plenty of things secretly ’cause I think most people sees it as dumb, unimportant and unnecessary. Plus, I’m a weakdipshit so I chose to be anonymous.

I am a bad writer. It’s shit.

(Stay with me though, just read a little more.)

But I’m here not to impress anyone, but to find someone I can relate to and hopefully, vise versa.

More than that,
I can’t express thoughts that tinker my brain every night as if I have to solve problems that don’t even exist (yet) and be insecure of these beautiful monsters that I wish I am,

and I can’t tellĀ YOU what’s happening on my side of bed when you’re sound asleep.

Opening those kinds of thoughts makes me weaker, more vulnerable, and it’s stupid.

Mostly because,
I fear that they’ll use it against me,

I’ve decided that I am a shallow person, therefore I force myself to disregard negative feelings even if it haunts me every night (and day, if I get lucky),

they’ll hear, but don’t listen,

and, lastly,

they invalidate what I feel and push more thoughts in my head that’ll make me harder to sleep.

That’s about it.

Told u I’m a shitty writer.

As if someone’s gonna read this haha